Member Points System

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Through the unique product point code, consumer points, referrer points, promoter points, store points and dealer rebates are realized. Let the continuous point redemption and rebate model continue to motivate the company-related product promotion channels and consumer groups, so that the company can achieve a 360-degree win-win model.



1. High point conversion rate. Point conversion rate refers to the ratio of the number of member product points to the number of sales. It is a key indicator to measure a point system. After many years of use and upgrades by many customers, the comprehensive point conversion rate is 40%. -80% is the best choice for your points system.

2. Rich and colorful member-initiated activities and promotional activities, including multiple points activities, prize activities and product activities.

3. Birthday Privileges Members can get unexpected surprises on their birthdays.

4. Exclusive consulting members can obtain one-on-one intimate expert consulting services through the use of points.

5. The customized report provides targeted professional information for the baby's age.

6. Early warning of prize inventory The prize inventory is updated in real time.

7. Multi-role points can provide consumers, shopping guides, stores, dealers and other multi-role points according to the needs of enterprises.

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