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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

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We are not an ordinary anti-counterfeiting company. As a provider of anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling systems, we will, as always, combine the development of the enterprise with the contribution to society, and create new value for the world. On the stage of Zhengdi, the image of customers will always be the protagonist, because we believe that the success of customers is more worthy of glory than all honors!

Corporate mission: maintain brand safety and assist customers to succeed
Business strategy: professional, dedicated, expert, dedicated
Anti-counterfeiting concept: simple to overcome the complex, and the deletion of the complex to simplify
Core values: customer first, integrity and dedication, passion and innovation
Zhengdi Ideal: Let the world be free of fakes and beautify consumers' lives
Zhengdi's goal: a world-class high-tech personalized label provider

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