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Random image security label

Random image security label


Technical Principle:

1. A philosopher once said: "There are no two leaves that are the same in the world." The textures of natural substances are very different, such as human fingerprints, tree lines, cracks on porcelain, etc. There is no duplication.
2. Texture anti-counterfeiting technology is to mix colored images in the pulp to create a clear but disorderly texture anti-counterfeiting paper. This texture is not artificially arranged or printed on the surface of the ink. It is naturally formed. Therefore, each piece of paper The color image of the film also constitutes its unique structural texture.
3. The finished label image is photographed, numbered, filed, and stored in the anti-counterfeiting database, and then modern communication technology is used to compare the physical label with the image of the label stored in the database.
4. Zhengdi does not have two anti-counterfeiting labels with exactly the same texture, and the random principle increases the difficulty of forgery. It combines the advantages of high-barrier anti-counterfeiting technology (difficult to forge) and searchable information network anti-counterfeiting technology (easy for consumers to identify).
5. Consumers who need to inquire about the authenticity of the purchased goods can do so through Zhengdi's official website, Zhengdi's official account, scanning the QR code of the label, etc.



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