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Code label

Code label

Technical principle:
1. Code anti-counterfeiting technology is to use computers, network communications, information coding and high-tech printing to set a unique code for each product that enters the network, and store this code in the central database (or only store the algorithm ), and at the same time establish a telephone (mobile) inquiry and identification network across the country.

2. When consumers buy products with anti-counterfeiting tags affixed with a code, they can know the authenticity of the product by dialing a phone or mobile phone and inputting the code on the product, which breaks through the traditional anti-counterfeiting products and is easy to be anti-counterfeit and consumed in batches. Limitations that are not easy to identify.

3. The code anti-counterfeiting marker combines high-tech anti-counterfeiting printing technology and digital encryption technology. Each code can only be used once and cannot be reused; the generated code cannot be deciphered, and has strong confidentiality and uniqueness. The computer-phone (Internet) identification system provides consumers with a simple and quick way to identify true and false.


1. Difficult to counterfeit: The algorithm encryption technology guarantees the uniqueness of each group of passwords, and the system does not allow multiple queries for each password, and counterfeiters cannot counterfeit in batches.

2. Easy to query: Consumers (distributors) do not need any professional knowledge and equipment, they only need to dial the national unified query telephone, mobile phone text messages, and the query system will automatically identify and inform the authenticity of the product.

3. Safe and reliable: The conventional anti-counterfeiting query system stores data in the database for a long time, which can easily cause data leakage or be interfered by viruses and hackers. The algorithm encryption technology system only stores a small amount of information about encryption algorithms and related manufacturers, and does not store anti-counterfeiting code data, which is safe and reliable. The query speed will not decrease due to the increase in the number of products connected to the network.



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