Anti-channeling logistics system

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Zhengdi's anti-channeling logistics management system is a fully digital management system customized and developed for different sales channels and different product characteristics of enterprises. Comprehensive use of personalization, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, RFID and other methods to identify products, and control the flow of goods by linking the RDC shipping place and the dealer's sales area. At the same time, the system automatically detects the information of the place of sale of the goods and the area where the goods are shipped to determine whether the goods are fleeing, statistics about the fleeing information and sending a report to the corporate headquarters. After receiving an early warning, the manager can obtain evidence based on the reported information, stop or punish the dealers who flee the goods, so as to achieve the purpose of combating the fleeing prevention, thereby safeguarding the rights and interests of the enterprise and standardizing the market environment.

Zhengdi Anti-channeling Logistics also utilizes the multi-functional features of anti-counterfeiting, traceability, marketing, etc. of the QR code, integrates into the core concept of "Internet +" in the new era, and realizes the function of collecting big data in the market, laying a foundation for enterprises to carry out targeted marketing. It broadens the corporate marketing channels and opens the door for companies to enter the era of omni-channel marketing.




1. Anti-counterfeiting;

2. Anti-fleeing goods;

3. Anti-chaotic price;

4. Prevent overstepping;


Solve the problem

1. Establish the concept of large warehouses to better grasp the flow of goods and the normal transfer of goods;

2. Realize the flexibility of warehouse and production management, and change the current passive state in production and inventory;

3. The organic combination of anti-channeling and anti-counterfeiting can establish effective early warning measures;

4. Assist in market research, product promotion, market management, corporate image publicity;

5. The powerful upgrade function of the system platform lays a good foundation for the expansion and upgrade of the enterprise information system in the future;

6. Prevent malicious mass imitation by criminals;


Value manifestation

1. Economic benefits: combating counterfeiting and diverting goods, avoiding damage to corporate interests, standardizing corporate channel management, and protecting corporate brand image. Improve the automation level of product information entry, save a lot of manpower and material resources, facilitate market management, and prevent the fleeing of goods; better grasp customer information, and timely adjust sales strategies.

2. Social benefits: Strengthen the company's brand image. By creating an atmosphere of trinity of manufacturers, distributors and consumers, all citizens participating in the fight against counterfeiting, and through safety tracing, gaining recognition from the whole society, winning the favor of consumers, and escorting the long-lasting brand.

3. Information revenue: A large amount of market data can be obtained through the traceability system, and a product information warehouse can be built. Be able to conduct in-depth data mining, study consumer consumption habits, and then analyze the direction of product research and development, and provide a scientific basis for expanding sales channels, expanding consumer groups, and further expanding the market.

4. Management benefits: It provides economical and effective identification and identification technical means for identifying and anti-counterfeiting; it is conducive to enterprises to improve product quality management level, accurately locate the scope of product recalls, reduce corporate losses, and realize that problems can be traced. It provides a strong technical guarantee for the government law enforcement management department to track the item information.


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