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After years of experience in the commercial society, Zhengdi knows the importance of a clean brand environment and standardized channel order for the growth, development and even survival of an enterprise. Our business focus is on brand companies' protection of brands and channels, which means that Zhengdi will focus on the core factors of customer growth and development. We deeply perceive that the company’s brand fully reflects the company’s core values ​​and is a highly condensed core strategic direction of all levels of the company’s business management; clear, systematic and enforceable channel management is the guarantee for the continuous growth of the company’s effective operation . These two points are the inevitable choice of Zhengdi to serve corporate customers.

   As the core business of Zhengdi Technology, the high-tech personalized labeling solution, after ten years of market experience and persistent pursuit, Zhengdi has become the backbone of China's high-tech anti-counterfeiting industry. Over the years, the company has been adhering to the entrepreneurial philosophy of escorting outstanding companies, comprehensively using contemporary information technology, network technology and database technology to develop and design high-tech high-tech with high security as the core, science, beauty, and practicality. The anti-counterfeiting mark helps customers eliminate the hazards caused by counterfeit goods and channeling goods from the source, and fundamentally protects customers' corporate image and overall interests from infringement.

Since the day that Zhengdi was born, it has been shouldering the mission of creating a growth environment for Chinese brands. We hope that with our efforts, there will be more and more outstanding brands in our country that will no longer be troubled by fakes and counterfeit goods, and concentrate on ourselves. Development and growth. The ultimate success of these brands will also be the greatest recognition for Zhengdi. Believe that our tireless efforts, the Chinese brand environment can be expected to clear the source, we sincerely look forward to working with you to work together for this day to create a better future.

Chairman:Wang Jiancheng

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