Precision marketing system

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The precision marketing system is based on "one thing, one code", carries out consumer marketing activities, uses interactive methods such as profit stimulation and emotional connection to help companies obtain traffic, fans and consumption data, and realize the digital ecological value created by companies and consumers. , To build a corporate marketing ecosystem.



• Consumer promotions
Obtain user and user data through diversified promotional methods such as red envelopes, physical objects, cards, coupons, and points, and effectively solve the problems of uncontrollable investment in corporate promotional expenses and low participation

• Flow application mode
Make full use of the traffic resources obtained in promotional activities. Maximize the application of traffic value through platform settings such as online & offline activity combinations, e-commerce combinations, and advertising combinations

• Store application model
One code has multiple uses, supports simultaneous promotion of consumers and stores, supports one store one strategy promotion strategy, increases store sales, and solves the problem of store user loss

• Membership system establishment
Obtain user and user data through promotional activities, establish a corporate fan and membership system, and continue to carry out member operations through points rewards, etc.

• Data application analysis
Obtain online and offline consumer spatial distribution, preferences and other information through data analysis, and carry out consumer portraits. Optimize corporate media selection and channel selection, increase marketing conversion rate, and truly achieve effect marketing


• One code for multiple uses, supports simultaneous promotion of consumers, channels, and terminals, supports one strategy for one location, one strategy for one store, and improves the input-output ratio of promotional expenses

• Support the diversification of promotion forms and the diversification of consumer receiving methods, and the activity strategy can be adjusted flexibly. Enhance the fun of activities and increase consumer participation

• Digital prize management and timely data feedback to increase the utilization rate of promotional expenses. From post-event evaluation to mid-event intervention, the effect evaluation can be real-time and accurate

• Multi-dimensional data such as consumers and consumption behaviors can be obtained to help companies discover market opportunities, optimize marketing strategies, stimulate purchase enthusiasm, and improve consumption experience

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