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Anti-counterfeiting logistics

Anti-counterfeiting logistics label

Technical principle:
Add a unique barcode to our anti-counterfeiting logo, paste it on each product, and combine the barcode scanner and logistics management system software to accurately record the information of each product in the computer software, and you can get each one at any time Product logistics information, realize logistics management, and discover diverted goods.

Add a personalized one-dimensional code or two-dimensional code barcode to our anti-counterfeiting logo, so that the label has the function of being recognized by the barcode collection terminal.

Logistics software use process:
Factory labeling-Scanner collects outbound data-Import logistics system-Query product logistics based on label serial number/bar code-Find outgoing goods
The logistics software can add extended functions according to the needs of the enterprise, and the warehouse inventory can be realized by using bar code technology. Inventory management, etc.
The company’s newly developed mobile computing logistics system combines sales management, customer relationship management, inventory management and other sub-modules, and has passed the national innovation fund project review.
Logistics anti-migration management can not only combine texture anti-counterfeiting labels, but also include electronic code labels, supervision code labels and so on. It can be combined and applied according to the product selected by the customer. To

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